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SushiSwap Miso Token Launchpad Security Breached, Hackers Steal $3m

One of the popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms SushiSwap has reported a breach of security. In an untoward event, it seems that hackers have been able to make away with a significant number of tokens which is estimated worth $3 million. 

Joseph Delong who is the Chief Technology Officer at SushiSwap has confirmed that a hacker allegedly breached the security protocol of the supply chain of their token launchpad platform MISO. He said that “an anonymous contractor with the GH handle AristoK3 injected malicious code into the Miso front end.” 

He explained that the hacker then replaced the auction wallet address with his own and stole 865 Ether (ETH) tokens. The value of these tokens is worth over $3 million.  Responding to the security breach, Delong has also said that they will “file an IC3 complaint with the FBI.” However, they are still expecting the hacker to return the funds, but if not they will make the complaint. 

Taking to twitterSushiSwap’s CTO Delong said that it had been the hardest day of his life. He also said: “We have asked @FTX_Official and @Binance to turn over the attackers KYC information, but they have resisted on this time-sensitive matter. The attacker(s) has done work with @Yearn and has approached many other projects. I urge you to check your own front ends for exploits.”

The hacks and breaches in the world of Decentralized Finance are not uncommon. Earlier, a cryptocurrency exchange Bilaxy also lost significant number of token to hackers.


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