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Event Update: Wink’s Ceo Lucia Wong To Interact Live

Wink CEo Lucia Wong will be interacting live on the Wink’s Telegram AMA tomorrow Apr 28th, 2021 12:00 (UTC). Wink is a decentralized gaming platform developed on the Tron blockchain. As the platform is becoming increasingly popular amongst both gaming pros and enthusiasts, the native Win tokens have risen by over 100x  since launch.

The upcoming live will be focussed on the future plans for the Wink platform where CEO Lucia Wong is expected to share all that’s in store for the further development of the Wink ecosystem. The fact that it’s going to be live makes it more exciting and transparent at the same time. 

Currently, the Wink platform not only allows seamless gaming and provides users with superior gaming experience, it also allows developers to develop decentralized applications (dApps) leveraging its robust technical infrastructure. The fact that Wink’s gaming platform has the highest number of active users in its segment, is in itself a testimony to Wink’s success. 

For all who own Wink tokens or are considering adding it to their portfolio of crypto assets, tomorrow’s live telegram session with Wink CEO Lucia Wong can be incredibly helpful in understanding the project even better. It is always recommended that you listen to team members especially if you’re an individual retail investor. 

To attend the live session follow the links below:




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