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Blockchain to Transform Verification of Credentials Across EU Borders: An Alliance of Protokol and EBSI Vector

The European Commission is teaming up with Protokol and the EBSI Vector project to use blockchain for credential verification across EU borders.

The Potential Upswing of Bitcoin (BTC) Amid Market Fluctuations: A Closer Look

Popular crypto analyst Tone Vays shares a detailed perspective on the potential 50% rise in Bitcoin (BTC) amidst market unrest and fluctuations.

With Just 3.57% of Its Client Base in the US, Binance’s Departure from the Region Would Have Minimal Impact

Despite SEC's lawsuit, Binance's limited U.S. presence is unlikely to impact its global operations, debunking media-led fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The Crypto Revolution: SEC’s Struggle with Binance and the Inevitability of Decentralized Finance

As the SEC grapples with the rise of cryptocurrencies, Binance stands strong, symbolizing the resilience of the crypto industry and the inevitability of decentralized finance.

Bitcoin Faces Potential 15% Drop Amid Binance Controversy: The Silver Lining of SEC Charges for Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is facing a potential 15% drop amid market panic over SEC charges against Binance, yet this could pave the way for greater regulatory clarity and a future price surge.

Binance Confronts SEC Lawsuit Alleging Illicit Trading Practices

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, confronts a lawsuit filed by the SEC alleging illicit trading practices.

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