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Silently Surging, Cardano To Set New Records In May?

For the past few weeks, all the buzz has been around Dogecoin, Bitcoins and Ethereum. If you haven’t been putting all your eggs in one basket, here’s why you should consider Cardano (ADA) to be a part of your crypto assets portfolio.

On Thursday, at 12:37 (07:07 GMT) Cardano was up over 10% trading at $$1.383841. The single-day double-digit surge made Cardano’s market cap by volume expand by another 2.1%. Overall, in the seven days, Cardano’s ADA tokens have jumped by over 12%.

Given the market trends and ADA’s responsiveness, it would be safe to say that Cardano is all set to set a new record. That’s true, Cardano will likely surpass its all-time high of $1.56. It means Cardano can go up by at least another 12 -15% in May 2021.

Earlier in the week, Ethereum hit its all-time high and continues the bullish trend even today. Ethereum tokens are currently trading at $2,720. They have risen by over 270% in 2021 alone. As the top tokens have been demonstrating a significantly bullish trend, it is only about the margin. Cardano is expected to touch the $1.60 mark soon.

Time To Diversify

The bullish crypto markets bring a great opportunity to diversify your crypto assets. Adding Cardano ADA (if you don’t already own them) will not only dilute your dependency on limited tokens but also allow you to profit from the expected price rise. Moreover, Cardano is a promising project, with all the potential to become a legit competitor to Ethereum in the long run.


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