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General Motor CEO Says They Can Accept Bitcoin As Payment

Corporate America is all gearing up for endorsing cryptocurrencies. At least, that’s what we have been witnessing in 2021. In her recent interview with CNBC this week, General Motors CEO Mary Barra said her company would be willing to accept Bitcoins as payment for their products. 

Barra said that “nothing precludes”  General Motors from accepting Bitcoins for their cars. She also said that the company will focus on their customer’s choices and that if their customers want to pay in Bitcoin, they would have no problem working on a revised payment policy.  CEO Barra, says that it’s all about making their customer’s buying and ownership experience “as easy as possible.”

Earlier this year in February, Tesla CEO, ELon Musk announced his company would be accepting Bitcoin payments for Tesla cars. But last month, he backtracked on his decision citing environmental concerns associated with Bitcoin mining. However, Musk seems to have come to terms with Bitcoins once again and in a recent tweet he said that he would be willing to move forward with Bitcoins if the mining process used cleaner energy sources.

While it is not yet possible for customers to buy “cars” by making Bitcoin payments, the recent developments indicate soon they would be able to. In the meanwhile, the leading currency is rallying around the $40,000 mark while analysts are betting on a bullish market.


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