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PayPal To Target Crypto-savvy Customers In Ireland And UK

Payment services giant PayPal is reportedly ramping up its efforts to target crypto-savvy customers in Ireland and the UK. The company is making crypto-focussed hirings at its Ireland offices.

Paypal has already been very active in launching crypto-specific products. It has integrated crypto payments support on its payment app and is planning to allow crypto trading in the neighbouring UK. PayPal had earlier also launched Venmo which is a crypto payment platform. In a recent update, PayPal had also confirmed adding additional features including launching a super app wallet. 

According to local news outlets, PayPal is taking job applications for crypto-related posts and skills. However, they are currently focussing mainly on hiring employees for business development, anti-money laundering and compliance-related responsibilities. 

The number of people investing and using cryptocurrencies in Ireland and the UK has risen sharply. Many PayPal users are also active crypto investors and traders. As such PayPal is strategically offering them services customizing their products according to the localized requirements. 

As cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, top payment services providers (PSPs) don’t want to be left behind. Even payment processing giants like Visa and Master have been creating crypto-specific products for their users. Last month, Visa reported $1 billion worth of crypto transactions using their crypto card.

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