NFTs Are the Future of The Gaming, Says EA CEO


One of the biggest gaming companies, Electronic Arts (EA) will be considering NFTs as a Future of Gaming.

Electronic Arts, with the legacy titles like Madden and FIFA, has had a dedicated player base for many years. The company’s CEO Andrew Wilson explained blockchain technology, especially NFTs, and play to earn capability as the “Future of the industry”. 

The NFTs/Play to Earn Future

On the earnings call, the CEO of EA, Wilson, also stated that it’s still early to understand how it will work. Provided EA’s long-time Licensing partners, particularly with the heavy-hitting sports league IP. Further, he added, there is a visible potential in moving forward in integrating the NFT’s into gaming. Like, how the ecosystem at large works is a much muddier perspective.

Current State of Things

Conventional gaming publishers have moved with caution around the integration of the blockchain. Ubisoft is one of the first prime developers actually to make a move to support Blockchain-powered brands like Animoca. Further, another high-end developer, Valve, has also openly expressed having no interest in the NFT engagement or NFTs. This is the case with many blockchain integrations. Whereas, EA, being the first mover, is likely to bring the high reward and high-risk factors. Such factors can leave the experienced players more hesitant to play.

NFTs and Play-to-earn games have made a spot this year in the Crypto-sphere, underlined by the huge success of the Axie Infinity.  With the growth of crypto and gaming, traditional publishers feel the heat to be “Future-ready”. 

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