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CEO of Apple Inc is a Crypto Holder

Apple Inc, one of the biggest technology companies in the world has eventually opened about owning crypto assets like Ethreum and Bitcoin.

In the Dealbook conference held on Tuesday, the CEO of Apple Inc. confirmed that their CEO was a crypto holder.

As stated by Tim, Bitcoin and Ethereum are good crypto assets for investment. Further, he said he has also personally invested in both digital currencies.

He added: He’d been an admirer of cryptocurrencies for the longest time. Further, he has also conducted a feasibility study on blockchain technology and how it works. 

However, Cook further unveiled that the company will not be investing in any digital asset!

Moreover, Tim rejected the idea of purchasing digital assets and considering their investment assets. People don’t buy their products to get exposure to Crypto. He also demonstrated that the company would not accept Crypto payments for any of its products/services any soon.

Apple Inc. currently offers fintech services through its Wallet app, including Apple Pay and  Apple Card credit card. Moreover, the firm doesn’t support any products/services that are related to the crypto application on its App Store.

At the time of press, Apple Inc. is the second-largest company worldwide with a market cap near o $2.5 trillion.


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