What is Binance NFT IGO & How To Participate?


IGO stands for Initial Game Offering, which is the most recent trend in the industry of cryptocurrency. The theory is just like the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The single distinction is that in Initial Game Offerings, the platform hosts various gaming projects. It dependent on tokens or NFTs as their in-game rewards and currency. Investors can place their money into the gaming ventures presented by the Binance NFT IGO launchpad. They anticipate considerable return or investment once that gaming venture is launched on leading crypto exchanges or get famous in the ever-increasing gaming society.

With the increase of blockchain gaming, Initial Game Offerings are becoming the most trending entity in the crypto world. Games like Alien Worlds (TLM), CryptoBlades (SKILL), and Axie Infinity (AXS) have millions of regular active users. Axie Infinity is presently leading the crowd with more than $1.1 billion in sales. Thanks to its extensive fame, plenty of IGO launchpads have surfaced Seedify. Fund (SFUND), Gamestarter (GAME), Enjinstarter (ENJINSTARTER), Gamefi (GAFI), and others.


GameFi is considered one of the foremost launchpads to present the idea of IGO (initial game offerings). At present, there are two IGOs available on the GameFi platform, known as Deathroad IGO and $KABY Pool IGO. Both of these games give their primary tokens to players who can either keep them or wait for some time for the rates to increase. Or they utilize the tokens to improve their blockchain game-oriented experience.


Enjinstarter is another famous IGO launchpad that gives exceptional features and projects comprising DeFi platforms, NFTs-based platforms, and yield farms. The project developed on Enjin’s Jumpnet, a great platform for gaming developers. It is to create communities and run various promotional campaigns to enhance gaming projects. The main reason behind giving IGOs is to offer untimely access to gaming resources that early investors can rely on and anticipate a considerable ROI in the future. 

The Primary IGO on Binance NFT

Recently, the primary DeRace IGO was introduced on the Binance NFT platform. DeRace is an NFT-based horse-racing game system. Here gamers can raise NFT horses with exceptional features, take part in races, or host races at their personal NFT racetrack. They even get revenue in the process. The DeRace drop showcases ten different types of NFTs, comprising five Binancian horses and five regular horses.

Binance NFT, the metaverse and the numbers 

Binance NFT was recently introduced in June 2021. Soon it has become one of the increasing platforms in the globe in just one month. It allegedly generated sales worth 25 million BUSD in that period. Sold more than 300,000 mystery boxes, and employed 400 internationally. Till now, the NFT market has successfully sold more than 900,000 mystery boxes and gained more than 103 million BUSD. Its fast development considers the prospective of promising market niches, like the new amalgamation of blockchain and NFT games. The target is the most acknowledged metaverse, which has become the hottest topic of discussion today.

A few weeks earlier, the topmost social network company Facebook announced it would employ 10,000 people in Europe. It is for the upcoming five years to work in its prospective metaverse. Not just that, other reputed tech companies like Alibaba and Tencent are also competing with the metaverse. They portraying it as the new cutting edge of digital business. 

John Hanke, the creator of Pokémon Go, and CEO of Niantic, also showed his philosophical outlooks on the metaverse. He is reported to have said that “Metaverse is a Dystopian Nightmare”. Hanke also described the significance of using this facet as technological growth and not as a sanctuary for humanity. Hanke and his company have already dictated the exploit of augmented reality (AR) in the Pokémon-Go game.

How Does an Initial Game Offering Work?

All Initial Game Offerings will have a focused landing page. Thus users can meticulously explore the game and each drop. You can also access these pages similar to every other plunge on Binance NFT. On these pages, you can discover details like in-game previews, development roadmaps, a short preface to the game, accessible NFTs for sale, etc. Consider the project’s landing page as their small gaming metaverse Binance.

A New place for NFT Gaming

Regardless of the increasing fame of NFT games – which formed over 50% of the NFT business volume – plenty of these projects have attempted to discover a dedicated place to develop their community and game. With Steam’s current outlaw of all blockchain, crypto and NFT games from their storefront, the blockchain ecosystem lacks a recognized game allocation platform to create a flourishing community and fanbase.

Binance IGO will give the base for a gaming metaverse to join NFT assets and high-quality blockchain games to the most passionate and the biggest crypto area globally. Additionally, we also anticipate boosting hype and exposure for gaming projects not accommodated on the Binance-Smart-Chain.

Things you can hope for from Binance NFT IGOs

  • You can access premium-level NFTs at a reduced cost. Some of the Initial Game Offerings introductions will also sell at a reduced cost to users of Binance NFT.
  • VIP sneaks peeks and special early access to NFTs before official public release or game launch.

How can you participate?

If you already use Binance, you can use the money in your Binance NFT wallet.

How can gaming projects request the IGO? 

If you want to launch IGO games on Binance NFT, you can first fill up the application form. Then the Binance NFT executives will assess and contact you to let you know about your status and tell you whether your application approved and successful or not. Binance NFT Initial Game Offering is a multi-chain, and it is open to any premium gaming projects across all blockchain systems. But, together with the $1B growth fund of Binance Smart Chain, MVB (Most Valuable Builder) winners will get a possibility to get shortlist.

How to Buy an NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace

Buying an NFT in an immediate sale is easier than bidding on a sale. As soon as you have discovered the right NFT you wish to purchase, you can click on the “Buy Now” Button to pay the complete price.


In conclusion, investing in IGO launchpads and IGOs is pretty similar to any other investment decision. First, you will have to assess whether the IGO launchpad has a great reputation and is dedicated to offering support for leading gaming projects. After evaluating everything, you are ready to invest. So, get ready and begin your investment journey with Binance IGO NFT now. 

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