2022 will see a race in Crypto after launch of CBDC


How do you see crypto in the year 2022? We will definitely be awaiting the legislation of crypto to find that who will be regulator. Like, will it be SEBI, RBI or will it be a mix of these two?

Crypto and the year 2022!

I believe 2022 is planning to extend the work which was done in the year 2021 and even the regulations are at top. It believed that the country will go deeper in old set of regulatory environment which is around crypto and it is also going to be globally true. The talk related to the CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency, also will observe movement. There are many countries that are going to get in the CBDC. In the year 2022 it is also will be the race about this the country launches quickly.

Buzz about other phase of Crypto

Also, there is much of buzz about different aspects of crypto such as Metaverse. However, there is not much of development. We will also see some wonderful products that are emerging in metaverse space as well as NFTs will try to find secondary markets.

NFT and the year 2021

In the year 2021, everyone was in NFT buying binge and now the NFTs wish to find some of the secondary buyers for availing the liquidity. This is going to be deciding factor exclusively for the NFTs in the year 2021. This year it is also going to be crucial for the cryptos to shift to next level. With regard to adoption as well as stability. We even have almost 150 million people those are around the world in the cryptos and NFT. If we see similar type of tailwinds like in 2021, such number will be 300 to 400 million of people during the year.

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