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The biggest Move in Crypto – Jan 2022

Cryptocurrencies have traded in red during the early hours today with an international crypto market capitalization of about $1.96 trillion. Growth of this market will be high in coming years. It is almost 0.46 percent of the decrease over last day. Also, the complete market of cryptocurrency volume for more than last 24 hours also stands at about $102.90 billion, which is also with 44.45 percent of increase.

Moves of various assets

The overall volume in DeFi is about $16.54 billion, that is 16.08 percent of entire day’s volume of complete market. Moreover, volume of various stablecoin is also $80.92 billion, that is usually 78.64 percent of total. The price of Bitcoin is recently Rs 33.83 lakh. However, crypto accounts for almost 40.77 percent of complete volume of entire crypto market, with the increase of almost 0.45 percent in the day.

Crypto Crime

The crime rate of Crypto-based hit proper high in the year 2021, with the level of transactions involving the illicit addresses getting almost $14 billion for last year, up from the level of $7.8 billion in the year 2020, said the blockchain data company.

On the other hand, as the percentage of the crypto transaction volumes, even share of the fraudulent transactions even shrank to the record low of about 0.15 percent in the year 2021, the firm mentioned.

Across various cryptos tracked by the Chainalysis. The complete transaction volume enhanced to $15.8 trillion in the year 2021. It is almost six-fold of increase from the year 2020.

The annual trends also suggest that crime is getting small part of business ecosystem which is mainly except for the year 2019. It is an outlier year mainly due to PlusToken and Ponzi scheme. These even show that ability of the law enforcement to combat the crypto-based crime that is also evolving.


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