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Is Federal Reserve taking Bitcoin Down?

Bitcoin weakened with stocks and with US equity futures being a prospect of highly aggressive policy of Federal Reserve which is tightening hung on the cryptocurrencies.

Know, Bitcoin took a dip at $33,000 from level of $69,000 in just three months among the broader selloff on the risk assets for growing the level of conviction. Federal Reserve may also notch back the settings of ultra-accommodative policy.

Bitcoin Plunge

The plunge simply hit different corners of crypto ecosystem, starting from memecoins and Bitcoin to the publicly-listed set of crypto exchanges, with above $1 for trillion in the market value which is removed from market.

Federal Reserve and Dipping of Bitcoin!

The Fed Reserve clearly signaled that it may start raising the rate of interest soon and shrink the bond holdings subsequent to liftoff has started. Moving ahead and ending with ultra-easy support of pandemic to fight latest inflation in the generation.

Also, Fed is even considering to weigh on possibility of U.S. that is issuing the government-backed coin, also called as the CBDC or central bank digital currency.

White House

The administration is also preparing to easily release the initial strategy of government-wide for various digital assets during next month. It is also the task of federal agencies through assessing risks as well as opportunities which they pose. Also, people familiar with matter mentioned in Bloomberg.

The draft of late-stage of executive order with details economic. The regulatory as well as national security that have challenges posed through cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, looming threat for the intensified regulatory action definitely add to risks embedded in crypto complex.

Equity Correlation with Bitcoin

The correlation of crypto and bitcoin with the equities strengthened in last weeks. The investors reacted to prospect for tightening the U.S. monetary policy through simply dumping the high-priced stocks with digital tokens.


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