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Pay Through Skrill and Neteller – Participate in the Promo to Get 20% Off!

Skrill and Neteller establish itself as one of the leading digital wallets for crypto services as it integrates additional 20 currencies. Now it’s entering the 11 new states and territories in London, which makes Skrill the leading payments company on the Paysafe. 

Recently, Skrill has announced that it has added 20 new cryptocurrencies to its digital wallet. So that its customers buy and sell. The new additions bring the total number of available cryptocurrencies. It’s available within Skrill to 35 for customers based outside of the US. The expanded portfolio is also available within Neteller, another of Paysafe’s proprietary digital wallets.

Further, followed by its initial expansion into the US in March this year, Skrill has launched its cryptocurrency buy and sell service in 11 additional US states and territories. The states include California, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It is now available across 48 US states and territories in total. Neteller is also following the way!

Since its initial launch, Skrill has been continually expanding and enhancing its crypto, providing new currencies and functionality. Its cryptocurrency service is now available in almost 100 countries.

Skrill and NETELLER Expansion

“We are excited to be expanding our selection of cryptocurrencies within Skrill and NETELLER, with our latest batch including some very exciting cryptocurrencies available today,” says Chirag Patel, CEO, Digital Wallets, at Paysafe

He further added that Tokens like AVAX, ICP, IOTX and AXS are great additions for us. It allows our customers to get exposure to the rapidly growing DeFi and Play-to-Earn economies. This cements Skrill and NETELLER as ideal platforms for accessing the vibrant crypto world, and our portfolio tools will surely make life easier for our users as well.”

By using Skrill and Neteller, customers can make direct crypto-to-crypto currency conversions. Also, they can set recurring or conditional orders, for example, based on price fluctuations.

Skrill and Neteller have recently launched a promo on the referrals. So, through the Promo, you get the 20% cash bonus on the crypto Buy and sell fees which will be paid on a regular basis. Also, you get the VIP silver on transacting 500$ and 6000$ for Neteller

Furthermore, the promo has started from the 1st of March 2022 and is available in most the countries.


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