Bitcoin night not Rally ‘Aggressively’ like the Fed Hikes Rates – Said Novogratz


Michael Novogratz, an investor having billions of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. He is heading the Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd.; he says that Bitcoin is possibly to continue the trade in an array during the year with rates of Federal Reserve that are increasing randomly.

Novogratz said, I don’t believe that Bitcoin may rally quite aggressively till the time we get some kind of pause. He said this during one of the TV interview. At the same time, Novogratz even noted that he also had earlier forecast for the 2022 array of $30,000 and $50,000 for the Bitcoin. This was little changed on Tuesday about $39,200 that was in the trading of New York.

Bitcoin – Biggest cryptocurrency

The biggest digital asset through market value had also surged previous year to the record highest with various risk assets for the reason of the pandemic related to the liquidity which has been provided by Fed.

Now with Fed which is about to tighten, the investors are also now in the phase of re-evaluating the entire risk. This is with the consequences of war in between Russia and Ukraine.

Basically, Bitcoin is the quite fascinating narrative story. It is about bringing people in the community. It is quite difficult to bring in the new people when the house is on the fire.  Because of war in the Ukraine that is contributing to the volatility of the market. That about the zero chance, even the Russian government may also use the crypto currencies for avoiding the sanctions. There is something which few lawmakers have also expressed concern.

Novogratz even called for the BitLicense of New York, it also required for the crypto businesses in such kind of state which is to be canceled. He then said, that we got rid from BitLicense. It’s quite difficult to do the business in the state of New York because of such kind of the requirement.

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