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Professional Investors Believe Crypto Will Become Mainstream, Study Says

According to one of the recent surveys by professional investors, now many investors are believing that digital assets will become mainstream. 

The London-based crypto hedge fund Nickel Digital Asset Management survey found that more than eight out of 10 respondents in the study of 200 institutional allocators and wealth managers. Further, they said they anticipate more comprehensive use cases of cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey result, half of the professional investors thought that digital assets would play the leading role. These Digital assets have portfolio diversification in the future.

Tokenization of traditional assets — converting real, regulated assets into digital assets on blockchain — providing access to decentralized finance platforms. Also, it has the ability for crypto to provide a new value transfer mechanism. Further, there are common broader-use cases reported seen for crypto in the future.

Nickel’s survey also found that just under half of the professional investors believe that blockchain and digital asset technology are scalable. As they have a good chance of achieving mainstream adoption. While about one-in-five respondents think crypto has the potential to transform the world’s economy.

​​Nickel Digital CEO Stated “to a great extent, digital assets have already achieved’ escape velocity. Moreover, they have achieved a multi-trillion dollar market cap. There is gradual regulatory acceptance of them in critical countries. This is clearly reflectable in most professional investors who believe digital assets will be mainstream.”


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