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With Recession approaching next year – Sell you stocks & buy Bitcoin, says Mashinsky!

The time of recession may hit the U.S. subsequent year as Federal Reserve now puts much amount of pressure on economy. Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network mentions this with the most tightening of aggressive monetary policy. Among the top and the best strategies that are going in such environment is not about fighting the Fed. Also, in such a case, it clearly means to get out from the stock market of U.S. Here, Mashinsky says to Michelle Makori, Kitco Editor-in-Chief of News and David Lin, the anchor on side-lines of Bitcoin 2022.

It is usually said not to fight with Fed which is right now owning to the stocks, owning to the equities, all the stocks were sold. If you do not wish to fight with Fed, you should get out of such way. It says with the recession coming up, you should buy more of bitcoins.  With expected recession next year, fed puts much pressure on the economy through hiking the rates. It also done by taking liquidity from the market and hence buying of bitcoin will also increase. This is the great recessionary pressure on the economy.

Moving of Bitcoin in right direction!

Subsequent to closely mirroring entire performance of the tech stocks, Bitcoin all set to separate and start the move towards increased level of $100,000. And, it is the target which forecast by Mashinsky for the year.

From starting of the year, stock market is now down, however Bitcoin has also recovered many such losses. We see separation, that means Bitcoin is starting to behave like the safety asset. This is the reason people are planning to sell the stocks and purchase additional Bitcoin.

Mashinsky observes Ethereum and Bitcoin performing well during the period of recession with nowhere you should hide in the traditional finance.


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