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An Investment Firm Planning To Invest In Cryptocurrency Start-Ups!

Equirus, the group of Financial services runs Equirus Capital, a complete service investment company. It looks for expanding the services into blockchain start-ups apart from cryptocurrency companies. The investment company is in a process to raise funds for the blockchain company. Ajit Deshmukh, the MD of Equirus, investment banking firm, talks about how can a differentiated strategy help in the growth.

According to different reports, Equirus closed almost five transactions of capital market value Rs 42 billion in just 45 days.

Investment in cryptocurrency start-ups

FY22, here company also grew by 150%. Much growth was also based on the factors like increase in the recruitments, IPO and transactions among others. However, Investments in cryptocurrency start up increased all around different segments from the early stage to the mature markets that includes the mergers & acquisitions. Hence, the growth of Equirus is possibly in line with industry standard, possibly, better. When the investment in cryptocurrency grow then overall industry even grows at the similar pace.

Such kind of thing also enables the investment bankers for growing & deliver transactions well on time. Here, investment climate is positive, and even confidence has also been high across board and different sectors. This is first time when we have activities across the sectors such as IT, technology and infrastructure, with this being asset oriented & other being IPN or service focused. There has been action across the sectors that includes chemicals & other pharmaceuticals. Here, recent challenge of the industry is continuous hiring of the people.

When you look at the size and shape, it is a complete cryptocurrency startup as full-service investment company. It offers advisory services related to acquisitions, mergers and private equity. If you check the boutique firms, they may stick to the advisory that makes the view on public market to simply narrow down.


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