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Sales of NFT Are Skyrocketing, inspite of Crash in Crypto Market Crash!

The NFT volumes also appear to be quite thriving although there is an ongoing weakness in the crypto market. The mix of new & old players are also driving the updated boom. Though, many key cryptocurrencies have also stuck to the most limited range of trading for 2022. The volumes of NFT and their holdings have suddenly skyrocketed, also outpacing the surge in last year.

However, the overall capitalization of crypto market has also stuck to between the range of $1.6 trillion & almost $2.2 trillion for a year. It has mainly the Bitcoins like with majors like Ethereum, Bitcoin and NFT consolidating to a great level.

Surge in NFT Volumes!

At other hand, the entire data from the blockchain analytics in the Block shows which has the surged NFT trading volumes exponentially. Much than doubling from starting of year to almost $56 billion.

Few Old projects and the new projects

With such kind of the surge in volumes of NFT, it is even accompanied by the jump in volume of NFT collections. With the eclipse gains that are seen in the year 2021. The record number for more than 3.5 million of addresses are on the hold.

With bulk of such kind of the recent boom may get attributed to the renewed interest for establishing the stalwarts. The launch of the metaverse check the floor price of the collection rush to the record highs during week.

Reasons of skyrocketing volumes of NFT!

Looking for the data, one may even conclude that NFT in the year 2021 seen a boom without any signs to stop. A key factor is possible that medium is quite much accessible as compared to crypto. It is also subject to less of the regulatory scrutiny. Coinbase had lately launched the quite awaited marketplace of NFT.


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