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Bitgert News: Ethereum Community Going for Bitgert After the Market Crash

The most appealing thing about the Bitgert project is a blockchain project is growing fast by offering attractive outputs. 

  • Fast growth and development.
  • Key Points Indicator: 
  • Ethereum falls back to $1,824 today
  • Whales on Ethereum continues to sell

Bitgert Remains Bullish while Alluring the in the Bearish Market

The crypto market has continued to crash, with all the major cryptocurrencies posting the lowest price for the past 11 months. Further, Ethereum is +20% down in the past 24 hours of this writing. The Ethereum price has dropped to $1,824, a price last seen in July 2021 at the time of scripting. 

That’s how bad the Ethereum is doing. 

Though the FED fiscal regulation has driven the massive price drop, the number of Ethereum holders selling today has increased significantly. This also includes the Ethereum whales. That’s why the Ethereum market cap has been dropping fast over the past few days.

Crypto analysts have said that a significant number of Ethereum investors are joining other promising crypto projects. One of the coins experiencing an influx of the Ethereum community members is Bitgert (BRISE). Bitgert is among the few coins that have shown impressive resistance in this bear market, which is why Ethereum investors are joining it.

Unlike Ethereum, this has been performing well in the current bearish market. Bitgert is one of the few cryptocurrencies posting growth in the current bear market. Besides, Bitgert coin has also maintained a stable price as the likes of Ethereum crash.

Here are facts about this blockchain project, making it super attractive than Ethereum.


The most attractive thing about the Bitgert project is its fast growth and development. It is the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem. However, what is catching the attention of the Ethereum community is the disruptive products the team is developing. Moreover, this blockchain ecosystem has DeFi, NFT, and Web3 projects.

In addition, the project team has built and launched the BRC20 blockchain. This product is one of the key products for the Bitgert ecosystem. The Bitgert BRC20 is a zero-gas-fee blockchain, one of the biggest reasons it is experiencing massive adoption. The Bitgert chain 100k TPS makes it the fastest blockchain today.

However, the huge list of products in the roadmap V2, the Startup Studio’s 1000+ projects, and the Centcex partnership, which brings more products to the Bitgert ecosystem, are other factors attracting the Ethereum community.

In conclusion, there is a likelihood of the Ethereum price dropping lower as the bearish market persists. This might make more Ethereum community members join the Bitgert project. Therefore, there will be a lot of Ethereum investors joining Bitgert if the market continues to crash.

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