What Is Dollar-cost Averaging (DCA)?


Dollar-cost averaging is an important investment tactic to maximize the impact of price volatility. It is also known as a constant dollar plan. As per this tactic, investors invest a certain portion of money in monitory security at frequent intervals, despite market conditions.

This tactic is against the method of market timing. Investors attempting to time the marketplace tend to forecast the future price movements and purchase more securities whenever the rates are lower to earn more when rates go higher.

The method of Dollar-Cost Averaging ignores investing lump sums in just one attempt when rates are decreased.

The cause is that investing in a lump-sum amount can be difficult because the future is very uncertain. In its place, investors separate a huge sum of money into tinier parts and frequently purchase financial assets at a fixed rate.

Whether the security rates are lower or higher, the investors carry on. That implies that they ultimately buy more shares when prices are reduced. Fewer shares when rates are elevated without trying to envisage future price movements.

Usually, DCA applies to exchange-traded money, mutual funds, and stocks. It is apt for those people who are more worried about risk minimization than getting huge rewards.

Passive investors who fail to track the marketplace frequently may discover DCA as an important tool. New investors can remain committed to their investment targets because it reduces emotional bias and encourages disciplined investment.

DCA makes the investment reasonable for people who don’t have bulk money to invest.

Benefits of Dollar-cost Averaging (DCA)

While decreasing your price per share is a very significant reason to perform dollar-cost averaging. However, there are certain other advantages to consider.

It sets up good investing habits: although you understand you must frequently invest, at times. It’s appealing to spend the funds earmarked to invest on other items. If you fix automatic, regular contributions, you are less expected to ignore the money you invest, ready to develop investing in discipline and follow your plan.

DCA keeps you open to prospects:

Market timing—attempting to identify when the marketplace will hit bottom or reach its peak. The selling and buying accordingly – is nearly impossible, even for proficient investors. DCA aid to make sure that you will welcome every opportunity that comes your way.

Endure market downturns: using the dollar-cost averaging method by investing episodic smaller amounts in abating marketplaces helps endure market downturns. The portfolio using DCA can keep a great balance and leave better potential to enhance portfolio value for a long time.      

Stops bad timing: Market timing is quite challenging for professional people and several investors to master. Investing a huge sum of money at bad timing can be dangerous, and that can negatively affect the value of your portfolio considerably.

It’s hard to envisage market swings; thus, the DCA tactic will give a smoothening of the purchase cost, which can profit the investor.

Disciplined saving: depositing funds frequently to an investor’s account permits disciplined saving because the portfolio balance augments even when its current asset are devaluing. But, a long-lasting market fall can be dangerous to the portfolio.

Handle emotional investing: Emotional investing occurs due to multiple factors – like investing a lump-sum amount and loss aversion- which is not strange in behavioral theory. Using the DCA reduces or eliminates emotional investing.

A well-organized buying tactic via Dollar-cost Averaging makes the investor concentrate their power on the work at hand and reduces information hype and news from different media regarding the stock market’s direction and short-term performance.

How to DCA on Binance?

Binance continuously adds and reviews cryptocurrencies that can be employed on the Binance platform. If you would want to purchase Dollar-cost Averaging (Decentralize Currency Assets) that is presently listed on Binance, here are the steps that you need to follow –

Those steps will show you how to purchase Decentralize Currency Assets by attaching your decentralized exchange (DEX) to your crypto wallet using your Binance account to purchase the base currency.

1. Download a Metamask Wallet

There are many crypto wallets to pick from inside the Ethereum network, and Metamask seems to be the best and most integrated. 

You can download and install Google Chrome and wallet Chrome extension using a desktop PC. However, if you use your smartphone, you can download the wallet through iOS App Store or Google Play.

Ensure downloading the official mobile app and Chrome extension by exploring Metamask’s website.

2. Install your Metamask

Sign up and install the crypto wallet through the mobile app or Google Chrome extension. For reference, you can also refer to the support page of the wallet. Just ensure to keep your seed phrase secure, and remember your wallet address.

3. Purchase Ethereum as Your Base Currency

After setting up your Dollar-cost Averaging wallet, you can sign up for your binance account and go to the Sell and Buy Crypto page to purchase Ethereum.

4. Move Ethereum to your Crypto Wallet from Binance

After buying your Ethereum, visit your Binance wallet zone and check the purchased Ethereum. Now click on the withdrawal option and fill up all the needed details. Select the network to Ethereum, and type your wallet address plus the amount you wish to send. Click on the withdraw option and let Ethereum appear in your wallet.

5. Select a DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

There are many DEXs to pick from, and you will only need to ensure that the platform supports your chosen wallet.

6. Connect Your Wallet

The next step is connecting your DEX to your Metamask wallet by utilizing your wallet address.

7. Trade Your Ethereum with the desired coin

Choose your Ethereum as the payment and choose the Dollar-cost Averaging as the desired coin.

8. If you don’t find DCA, look at its Smart Contract

If your desired coin fails to appear on the Decentralized Exchange, you should look for its smart contract address.

9. Apply the Swap

After performing all those steps mentioned above, you should click on the Swap option.


DCA (Dollar-cost averaging) comes with some drawbacks and benefits, but the need for a low-risk investment strategy may cause lower returns.

On the positive side, it’s likely to get a reduced dollar-cost average for protection eventually instead of a lump-sum investment, only if there are declining marketplaces that don’t become extended.

An investor must focus on adding DCA as an elective tactic between other bolder strategies like regular portfolio rebalancing, diversification, and target asset allocation.

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