Why has revolut deactivated my account? How can I get the access back?


There is absolutely nothing to be quite frustrating about discovering the fact that Revolut account restricted. You must be quite curious to know the reason about Why has revolut deactivated my account? Before this, it is important to know that Revolut is a financial company that deals with money of different people. Naturally, we also need to stick to different rules as well as regulations that govern the financial services.

However, In the UK customers usually governed by UK financial regulator. Moreover, In Lithuania, that serve the European customers subsequent to Brexit, they also governed by rules of Lithuania Bank.

Key facts to know about Why has revolut deactivated my account?

The rules of regulators are well designed to make sure about following facts:

  • The financial services offered for business and customers both.
  • You can also find the competitive landscape which clearly supports the innovation
  • Financial crime may also get detected & prevented anywhere possible.
  • What is the reasons for deactivating the Revolut Accounts?

According to the regulated company, we also have some of the procedures which we just cannot avoid. We also simply uphold them to maintain highest standards of regulatory & protect security of the account and 13 million clients.

Hence, though the regulatory checks perfectly performed, relevant departments also work hard to simply reduce disruption though account gets restricted temporarily. At times, we may also need to work with the partners to get proper information that we carry for the procedures.

Reasons that few accounts take long time to review!

However, it may also take longer than expected for the pertinent team that could complete standard check of security for the account. Also, to get answer of Why has revolut deactivated my account? It generally happens when we require to work with some of the external partners for gaining perspective and leading to delay.

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