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Biggest Bank of Investment Offers Services of Crypto Brokerage

BTG Pactual, which is the biggest investment bank in the Latin America, started the services for crypto brokerage. The Banks of Latin America as well as Brazil are keenly rushing to set the foothold in entire such space. Amongst some of the uncertain Financial and economic conditions, the demand related to the crypto assets has also shot up quite significantly. Such kind of announcement from the BTG Pactual also comes at similar day when other competitor XP and the launched of services.

However, Dubbed Mynt, other platforms of crypto brokerage shall arrive as the separate product. Though, there are some of restrictions for deposit & withdrawal that exchanges are facing owing to any such regulatory action. It also said that we are working on such kind of feature. In months and weeks, we plan for releasing this. It believed that clients may wish to bring assets to BTG, for cases we get some of the restrictions on withdrawal.

Crypto Brokerage Supported By Mynt

At the same time, such kind of the executive stated that they work for integrating the stablecoin in the platform. Though, Portilho even declined to comment if it will be native stablecoin of the bank or one among the issuer of third-party. The platform of Mynt by BTG Pactual simply support five set of the cryptocurrencies, to start with. It consists Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), Ether (ETH), Polkadot (DOT) & Solana (SOL). We will also be able to list more of the coins, but it actually depends on the customer demand & the internal process of project evaluation.

However, Crypto Brokerage even refrained from predicting any of the future price for the cryptocurrencies. As it mentioned by the local news publication, it not known that if they have that hit bottom yet.

Quite Interestingly, it even commented about Bitcoin halving the cycle and bull run which follows. With the biggest investment bank that join the bandwagon crypto and many of the financial players are possibly to participate in such space.


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