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Biggest Mining Pool of Ethereum Ban ETH Addresses!

Ethereum has refused to process the cash transactions of Tornado. The biggest pool of ETH also shuns great number of Transactions from the Addresses which well connected with the Tornado Cash. It tweeted by the Wu Blockchain confirms the fact that Bitfly-owned the Ethermine, which is the biggest mining pool of ETH. It has also been shunning the Cash-related transactions of Tornado over last few of the weeks.

It’s important to understand that Ethermine is biggest pool of Ethereum, has refused for packing Tornado transactions for Cash-related in the blocks in last week. Various set of the pool technicians even confirms about news and confirms that it was just first time in the history. Also, blockchain censorship now become the pressing the concern for crypto faithful in last weeks. Notably, this is for initial time when regulator placed the sanction on the technology and not the entity.

What does Ethereum Founder have to say!

In the meantime, as per the latest statements from the Vitalik Buterin. The Ethereum founder miners may do whatever they wish only 51% of the consensus of the miners that may also constituted as the attack and completely block transactions. This is worth to note that CryptoCompare estimate that the Ethermine constitute almost 25% of complete Ethereum mining pool.

Individual miners may simply refuse to consist what so ever they wish, but it also has some effect; transaction only gets in subsequent block. We require usually 51% attack (hence, reverting the blocks and not only excluding the txs) to completely prevent txs to get include.

Though, Ethereum stays to be completely censorship-resistant, still there are few of the concerns which will change absolutely post-Merge. It highlighted that almost 66% of ETH validators are truly susceptible to the US regulations. There are various members of this community, that include Buterin. They have also made it much clear that validators which will enable the censorship that would get burnt.


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