NFT Shoe Collection. Puma Introduces First Step Into Metaverse


On September 7, Puma, one of the most well-known companies in the world, made the announcement that it would be opening “Black Station,” the company’s first interactive experience in the metaverse. According to a press release issued by Puma, Black Station will be a vibrant place. Customers of Puma can interact with one another in an immersive manner to enjoy the NFTs offered by the brand, which are primarily focused on sports goods.

Puma Ignites Its Way Back Into the Creative Process

According to Adam Petrick, Puma Chief Brand Officer, “Twenty years ago, Black Station was PUMA’s home.” Black Station enabled PUMA to exhibit its most inventive designs, which is why the company decided to relaunch it to commemorate its dedication to innovation.

The instant a visitor accesses the website, they have the option of selecting a realistic digital lobby that has three separate portals via which they may explore unique footwear. They may also mint NitroPass cards to earn NFTs that are tied to tangible objects that can be claimed after the conclusion of the Futrograde expo in New York.

Puma Global Creative Director, Heiko Desens, made the observation that due to the benefits provided by the metaverse, Puma’s designers could work without restrictions to produce innovative ideas that were just as stunning as the real items.

When imagining these different shoe designs, our team admittedly took quite a few creative liberties. We encouraged them to go for the stars and beyond. Because of this, we could tap into their creative potential despite the constraints and boundaries that are often associated with the creation of our shoes.

Despite the fact that the metaverse is a source of technology advancement, it is important to point out that Nike, one of Puma primary rivals, has made close to $184 million in revenue from its NFTs goods. This is an open invitation to participate in a market that has just started up.

The reality is that the metaverse is available to any and all businesses who are interested in expanding their operations outside the physical world. Even the most well-known vehicle manufacturers, like Ford Motor Company, have revealed that they are in the process of registering patents that would allow them to bring their most lucrative car collections into the metaverse.

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