The Square Enix Group Has Joined the Oasys Blockchain


Square Enix has dramatically expanded the scope of its blockchain projects as a direct consequence of the publisher becoming a node in a chain. The commercial enterprise has collaborated with Oasys to increase its chances of being accepted as a node validator on the impending blockchain that will have the same name as the current one. The firm claims that it is working on developing a blockchain that is “proof of stake” and eco-friendly.

A node validator is responsible for storing its own copy of the blockchain and carrying out a variety of additional tasks that contribute to the overall integrity of the network. It is essential to maintain the network’s authenticity. Oasys is expected to go live in the second part of this year with a total of 21 node validators, and there is the possibility that this number may grow as time passes.

Along with Bandai Namco Research, Sega, Ubisoft (which is also a node on the Tezos blockchain), Netmarble, WeMade, Com2uS, and Yield Guild Games, Square Enix is the last company to join this inaugural wave.

In addition, the company that publishes Final Fantasy will work together with Oasys to examine the potential of leveraging user contributions in the creation of future games that will be hosted on the Oasys blockchain.

Square Enix is now making considerable investments in blockchain technology, making them one of the most prominent publishers to do so. In his New Year’s Letter that was sent out in January, the president of the company Yosuke Matsuda predicted that technology would be an important strategic concern for the organization in 2022.

The publisher began operations for its Blockchain Entertainment Business division in April, and in May – not long after selling its Western studios and intellectual property to Embracer – it made the announcement that it was propelling its investment in blockchain technology in addition to artificial intelligence and cloud-based services.

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