WhiteBIT Become Cryptocurrency Partner of Netflix


The chief executive officer of WhiteBIT, Vladimir Nosov, made the announcement on Instagram that the cryptocurrency exchange had reached an agreement to collaborate with the European subsidiary of Netflix.

By the end of the year 2022, customers of the online movie theatre will be able to use digital assets as a payment option when subscribing to the service.

A bitcoin educational platform will be launched by WhiteBIT, Netflix, and a third partner that will remain nameless.
The officials of the exchange have said that this is “only the beginning” of their efforts in this niche area.

Additionally, the Chief Executive Officer of WhiteBIT said that a new 10-episode series would make its debut on Netflix.
He promised to reveal details soon.

According to Nosov,

Partnering with a brand of this level for us, as the biggest European cryptocurrency exchange originating from Ukraine, is another step towards our goal: broad adoption of blockchain technology throughout the globe.

What Exactly Is WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is a centralized digital currency trading platform that has its origins in Ukraine and is officially registered in Lithuania.
The DEX WhiteSwap cryptocurrency exchange, the Bitcoin Global peer-to-peer trading network, and the Whitepay cryptocurrency payment system are all part of the WhiteBIT ecosystem.

The website provides spot, margin, and futures trading, in addition to SMART-staking, which is a technology that enables users to earn passive income just by retaining their assets on the exchange.

More than 2.5 million active customers from 150 countries are now being served by the exchange.

WhitePay, a platform that is part of the WhiteBIT ecosystem, began the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for items at Ukraine’s leading hardware store chains in the month of August.

During the same month, the token known as WhiteBit was made available for trading on the exchange.

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