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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author Forecasts Bitcoin’s Immense Value Amid Potential CBDC Release

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki, echoes a powerful message to his expansive audience of over 2.4 million on X app. He anticipates an unparalleled surge in the valuation of Bitcoin and other assets in the foreseeable future.

Kiyosaki’s Warning on Assets Valuation
The eminent finance guru suggests that traditional assets like gold and silver, along with digital assets like Bitcoin, will skyrocket in value, rendering them essentially priceless. This forecast comes in the backdrop of potential plans by the United States Federal Reserve to introduce their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

In Kiyosaki’s words: “FED CBDC on the horizon. Say goodbye to privacy. With CBDC’s entry, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Cash will gain unparalleled value. Secure GSBC & cash now, before time runs out.”

Federal Reserve and the CBDC Conundrum
Though the Federal Reserve hasn’t explicitly confirmed its commitment to the CBDC project, there’s undeniable interest in this novel form of legal currency. Amid ethical concerns, many are challenging the very idea of a Digital Dollar, which Kiyosaki capitalizes on for his optimistic prediction.

Kiyosaki underlines a potential fallout in privacy with the CBDC’s advent, pushing people towards alternatives like Bitcoin that offer transactional anonymity, minus traditional banking intermediaries.

Kiyosaki’s Unwavering Support for Bitcoin
Robert Kiyosaki’s bullish stance on Bitcoin isn’t newfound. While he’s a vocal advocate for Bitcoin’s potential, he doesn’t restrict his endorsement to this digital asset alone. Assets like gold and silver also have his nod as formidable inflation shields.

Though not primarily a crypto leader, Kiyosaki’s stature as a celebrated author wielding considerable financial influence can undeniably accelerate Bitcoin’s march towards mainstream acceptance.


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