OpenChat Introduces Facial Recognition to Promote Unique Human Interaction


OpenChat, the decentralized chat application built on the Internet Computer blockchain (ICP), is taking a bold step to enhance the authenticity of social media interactions. The platform, often compared to Discord and Slack, is set to test facial recognition technology to ensure users are not only human but uniquely so.

A New Era of Social Media Verification

The initiative aims to tackle the prevalent issue of users operating multiple accounts, a common practice that can skew token farming and airdrop distributions. OpenChat co-founder Matt Grogan emphasizes the importance of “proof of unique humanity,” a concept that could revolutionize how online identities are managed and verified.

Partnership with Modclub for Decentralized Moderation

In collaboration with Modclub, a platform specializing in decentralized content moderation, OpenChat is poised to trial facial recognition technology. This move is not just about technological advancement but also about fostering a more responsible and less toxic online environment. The partnership will enable OpenChat’s over 100,000 users to report content violations, which will be reviewed by Modclub’s moderators, paid in crypto for their services.

Balancing Anonymity and Accountability

While traditional social media platforms rely on email IDs and unique usernames for user authentication, OpenChat has been using crypto addresses and NFTs. This approach aligns with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology but poses challenges in ensuring responsible use. The introduction of facial recognition for unique human verification is a step towards balancing anonymity with accountability.

Future Implications and User Privacy

Grogan clarifies that not all users will be required to undergo facial recognition verification. However, this feature might become crucial for eligibility in future airdrops and could enhance user reputation on the platform. As OpenChat ventures into this new territory, questions about user privacy and the effectiveness of the technology in diverse scenarios remain to be addressed.

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