Bitcoin Crash: Crypto Analyst Reveals Why Price Could Drop to $52,000


A crypto analyst has disclosed reasons why the price of Bitcoin could witness more declines to $52,000 lows. According to the analyst, Bitcoin has broken key support levels, indicating a potential shift from a bullish to a bearish position.

Analyst Projects Bitcoin Crash to $52,000

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on June 21, crypto analyst Justin Bennett predicted that Bitcoin could witness a price crash to key ranges between $52,000 and $54,000. He shared a price chart illustrating Bitcoin’s recent decline, highlighting that its price remains range-bound, showing no clear downward or upward trend as it trades between support and resistance. Bennett believes that Bitcoin could plummet to $52,000 and cited several reasons for this bearish outlook. He revealed that Bitcoin has broken past a key trend line from October 2023, suggesting a shift to more bearish territory. Additionally, the analyst noted market imbalances between February 26 and 27, indicating the possibility of less accumulation and more selling pressure for Bitcoin.

Bennett also highlighted the presence of significant liquidity below the $56,500 price threshold for BTC. He suggested that markets often move towards areas with higher liquidity due to the concentration of buying and selling of Bitcoin. As a result, the potential for Bitcoin to drop below $60,000 is greater. On the upside, Bennett disclosed the possibility for Bitcoin to have a bullish turnaround above $72,000, potentially capturing liquidity at these levels. However, the analyst considers this a less likely scenario given the current state of the Bitcoin chart.

Investor Interest in BTC is Waning

In one of his latest X posts, crypto analyst Ali Martinez disclosed that investors’ interest in Bitcoin has begun to diminish. According to the analyst, BTC is experiencing a significant downturn in exchange-related on-chain activities. Additionally, the pioneer cryptocurrency is presently witnessing a substantial drop in its network usage, suggesting a shift in demand for Bitcoin.

Martinez suggested that the crypto market may be turning its attention to Ethereum, the world’s largest altcoin. He disclosed that the crowd was growing more optimistic about Ethereum, highlighted by the surge in the cryptocurrency’s social media mentions. This change in investor sentiment could be attributed to the imminent launch of Ethereum spot ETFs, which is expected to attract significant inflows into Ethereum’s market and potentially drive up the cryptocurrency’s price. Martinez also shares similar sentiments with crypto analyst Bennett, predicting a possible price correction for Bitcoin toward new lows at $54,930.

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is trading at $64,265, reflecting a 2.87% decline over the past week, according to CoinMarketCap.

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