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Is aiDoge a Scam? Unfulfilled Promises Lead to Growing Concerns

Amid unfulfilled promises, growing concerns around the legitimacy of aiDoge are rising, with investors yet to receive their $AI tokens.

Could XRP Reach the Elusive $1 Mark? Top Trader’s Prediction Fuels Excitement

Top trader DonAlt's speculation fuels market excitement, suggesting XRP could soon reach the $1 mark.

TRON (TRX) Blockchain Hits a New High with Over 10.9 Million Daily Transactions

Despite the crypto winter, TRON (TRX) blockchain sets a new record with over 10.9 million daily transactions.

Transac Secures $20 Million for its Crypto Payment Operations

Transac, a web3 payments and infrastructure provider, raises $20 million in Series A funding, marking a significant step in merging traditional finance with cryptocurrencies.

Solana Labs Releases v1.14 Upgrade to Enhance Network Performance

Solana Labs rolls out v1.14 upgrade, enriching the network with substantial improvements.

Cryptocurrency Market Springs Back to Life Post Memorial Day Weekend

The cryptocurrency market shows a significant resurgence after the Memorial Day Weekend, with Bitcoin and Ethereum making strong recoveries and FantasyGold experiencing an unprecedented price surge.

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