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Bittrex Filing for Bankruptcy Amidst Legal Challenges

Bittrex Inc., a Seattle-based crypto exchange, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lawsuit from the SEC. Despite this, Bittrex Global continues its operations, serving customers outside the U.S.

What’s Causing the Crypto Market Downturn Today Key Factors and Analysis

The crypto market is facing uncertainty as the Total Crypto Market Cap and Bitcoin struggle to clear resistance levels. SingularityNET (AGIX) is also at risk of breaking down from a bullish pattern, adding to the market's overall volatility.

Breaking: Do Kwon’s Legal Team Fights SEC Charges in Terra Token Sale Case

Breaking news! Do Kwon's legal team is fighting the SEC charges in the Terra Token Sale case. Let's hope for a positive outcome!

Thanks to Plea Deal, Caroline Ellison of Alameda Avoided 110-Year Jail Sentence

An important witness in the current FTX investigation may be able to avoid all seven charges against her by entering into a plea bargain....

Core Scientific Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy but Says It Will Continue Operations

According to a source acquainted with the company's financial situation, cryptocurrency mining giant Core Scientific will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas first...

On the Eve of FTX Crash, Sam Bankman-Fried Attempted to Destabilize the Cryptocurrency Market

Sam Bankman-Fried tried to disrupt the stablecoin and the larger crypto market last month to safeguard FTX, according to correspondence reviewed by The Wall...

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