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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Raises Alarm on AI’s Existential Risks

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has recently voiced significant concerns about the potential existential risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI), marking a departure from typical...

Bittensor (TAO): Leading the AI Crypto Revolution with a 400% Surge

The cryptocurrency world is witnessing a remarkable surge in AI-focused tokens, with Bittensor (TAO) leading the charge. This AI-centric cryptocurrency has experienced a staggering...

Worldcoin (WLD): A New Era of Digital Identity and Financial Network

Worldcoin, a revolutionary digital identity protocol, has been listed on Binance. The project, backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, aims to create a financial network owned by everyone.

China Amplifies Restrictions on AI Chip-Making Raw Material Exports

China heightens control over exports of raw materials used in AI chip-making, marking a strategic move to safeguard its national security interests.

Oncyber Unveils Revolutionary GPT-Powered Metaverse Worlds with Magic Composer

Oncyber's Metaverse Worlds with Magic Composer: A New Era of Immersive Entertainment!


Shiba Inu Team Fixes Shibarium Outage As SHIB Readies For Potential Surge

In a significant update for the Shiba Inu community,...

Bitcoin Briefly Dips Below $60,000 as Crypto Market Sheds $200B in Broad Pullback

In a dramatic turn of events, the cryptocurrency market...

Countdown to Bitcoin Halving: Only 100 Blocks Left

The cryptocurrency community is abuzz as the Bitcoin halving...

Ethereum Lost 3.11% to $2,973.00: Market Analysis

Ethereum experienced a notable dip yesterday, losing 3.11% of...