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Baillie Gifford Chips In $1000 Million In UK-based Blockchain Startup

Baillie Gifford & Co., an investment management firm, known for funding tech startups has confirmed an investment of $100 million in is amongst the most prominent UK-based cryptocurrency startups.

Referring to a post from Peter Smith, co-founder and CEO of, the latest from Bloomberg confirms that Baillie Gifford & Co. participated in the final funding round. The news is highly significant to the crypto community and tech startups in the Blockchain sphere because $100 million is the single biggest investment so far in a blockchain-based project.

Baillie Gifford & Co., has already been an early investor in several tech-based startups. The investment management firm with assets under management worth over $445 billion, was also one of the first investors in Tesla Stocks. It continues to be the single biggest investor in Mr Musk’s company. is a cryptocurrency wallet services provider. It also facilitates the trading and exchange of popular cryptocurrencies. Founded in August 2011, is headquartered in Luxembourg city UK. The online blockchain startup also provides in-depth market analysis and charts and info related to the Bitcoin market.

Commenting on the investment, Ceo Peter Smith said that they were honoured to have Ballie Gifford as an investment partner. He also said that it was also a “validation that a balanced and diversified retail/institutional business has incredible growth potential in the coming years.”


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