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Chivo Bitcoin: El Salvador Fixes Issues With The State-operated Bitcoin Wallet

El Salvador has reportedly fixed the bugs and issues with its Chivo Bitcoin Wallet. There were many complaints about the wallet not functioning properly. Following the complaints, the government decided to act to resolve the grievances of the citizens. 

The Chivo Bitcoin Wallet is a native wallet developed and operated by El Salvador for its citizens to store the leading cryptocurrency. However, after it was launched and made available for public use, many started facing problems. The government took down the Chivo Bitcoin Wallet wallet app for five hours. It said the app was taken down for bug-fixing and maintenance. 

Commenting on why the Chivo Bitcoin Wallet app was taken down, President Nayib Bukele confirmed it was for maintenance. He also confirmed that the current issues reported are fixed. “We have finished today’s maintenance of the Chivo wallet. Report any malfunction here, in the comments,” he announced in a tweet. 

El Salvador is the first and the only country in the world to make Bitcoins a legal tender. Following the approval from the government, Bitcoin as a legal tender came into effect earlier this week. After it was effectively made a legal tender, the Government released a state-run Chivo Bitcoin Wallet app for both Android and iOS users on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. 

Following multiple reports of people facing issues with the newly launched Chivo Bitcoin Wallet, the President announced: “We will disconnect the system from 1 am to 6 am to make these adjustments. Our teams are ready. We hope tomorrow is much better.”

The bugs are fixed. However, the android app will only be accessible on two Samsung mobile devices viz: Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S21. The government officials have asked users to actively report any issues they face as it would help “improve everyone’s experience.”

A significant percentage of the population in El Salvador are not crypto-savvy. A recent report finds the majority are not happy with the government’s decision to make Bitcoin a legal tender. However, the current President of the Central American country believes that making Bitcoin a legal tender will attract investments and help address the country’s economic woes. Fixing issues with the Chivo Bitcoin Wallet app is a welcome move.

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