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Latest Crypto Rates: Bitcoin Gains While Ether And Cardano Slips

The last Friday’s trading has changed the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, the largest crypto, jumped up by approximately $2500 in just a few minutes! It kept trading around $48K for most of the weekend after spending more than a week in the lower $40Ks. Read more to check the latest crypto rates!

Today, Bitcoin is priced at a marginally high rate of $47754.00. Although the current rate is much below its record of hitting $65K in April this year, it is now up by 65%. It is safe to say that the FED’s chairman’s supportive remarks on cryptocurrencies last Thursday positively impacted Bitcoin’s rates. It rose to its highest since around mid-September.

Despite the crackdown, the latest crypto rates are showing that investors are not giving up.

Talking about the second-largest crypto, Ether, the coin of ethereum blockchain has slipped over 1% to $3355.93. Last week it was down around 5%, and it keeps plunging each week, keeping people eager at knowing its fate in the coming months. Cardano slips to $2.19 whereas Dogecoin has increased marginally to $0.216.

Meanwhile, China keeps imposing regulations on private crypto activities. The central bank of China declared all the financial transactions involving crypto illegal. It sounds nothing less than a death knell for digital trading following a digital tokens crackdown. However, China has no issues with the crypto itself as they are rolling out its sovereign digital currency called Digital Yuan. This shows that the matter is more about being in power! Read the full story here!



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