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Common Cryptocurrency Terms Every Investor Should Know

Cryptocurrencies are entirely digital; thus, no bill or physical coin is attach to the crypto you possess. In its place, owners have cryptocurrency in their digital wallets and sell or purchase via an online exchange. Your wallet may store offline on a device, just like a USB drive or online. For now, let’s have a look at some famous and commonly used cryptocurrency terms –

  • Blockchain is a type of database wherein digital transaction records of cryptocurrencies are keeping in blocks or groups. New blocks are repeatedly made as extensions of the previous block, creating a chain. These blockchains make upon themselves inside the database, saving a rising amount of information regarding the transactions for a particular cryptocurrency.
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT): different from standard databases. There is no leading authority. The information save across numerous places at a time. Once a transaction is save, it’s permanent. Blockchain is a category of DLT; however, the technology can cater to different purposes beyond the business of cryptocurrency terms. 
  • Decentralize: it implies that the currency is not support by any financial institution or a central bank.
  • Bitcoinit is the first and the most famous cryptocurrency at present.
  • Altcoins: Any cryptocurrency accepts Bitcoin. A few famous altcoins consist of Litcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. These altcoins have various purposes and features.
  • Exchange: it is like a market where you can sell and purchase cryptocurrency.
  • Wallet: here, you can save cryptocurrency holdings. Several exchanges provide the facility of digital wallets.

Is Cryptocurrency Terms Harmless?

The blockchain technology supporting the cryptocurrency is naturally safe. It is just due to the public and decentralized nature of the encryption process and distributed ledger technology every transaction goes through.

However, that doesn’t imply that it’s safe in the same way. Most people think the dollars or other recognized currencies to be safe. Any governmental body does not support cryptocurrency terms. It doesn’t hold the same securities as several standard currencies all through the globe. If a digital currency company fails, the government will hold no responsibilities and cover the losses.

If your money is stolen or lost, it can be tough to recover. It happens through decentralize nature of blockchain. Every investor must have a diversified portfolio. It would help if you adequately weighed the investment you make against the overall market or the rest of your portfolio. 


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