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Why Choose Skrill VIP Account For Crypto Trading?

Skrill is a very famous online money transfer site that millions of people across the world use happily. The platform provides supreme support for transfers and trading in cryptocurrencies. With the rise in trading activity among various cryptocurrencies accept Bitcoin, such as IOTA, NEO, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum, the usage of applications for inter-currency transfers has amplified manifold in the past few years. The lower commission and ease to use compared to other platforms has caused the augmented adaptation of Skrill.

Skrill VIP Accounts

Skrill VIP silver, gold and higher levels can employ multi-currency alternatives too. VIP account provides several advantages for this platform user, including quicker processing of transactions and higher bank transfer limits. It gives lower ATM fees and a free Mastercard. The transaction charges are also lower for customers who have VIP status on this platform. Skrill VIP users can also get 24×7 support. Gold users also gain a keen personal account manager for faster solutions to any queries. The MasterCard is accepted anywhere, and the account balance can also be checked online.

With the rise in the valuation of Bitcoin plus other popular cryptocurrencies in the past few months, the requirement for platforms such as Skrill VIP has also increased even more. For cryptocurrency transactions, users can get Skrill VIP status by transacting €6,000 in a quarter. 

Facility of VIP Account

But right now, the Skrill VIP account facility is accessible in selected parts of the world. This program provides four levels, and they are called Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. For Bronze, it’s essential to have transactions above €6,000/quarter. For silver, it should be above €15,000/quarter. And for diamond and gold status, the transaction must be above €45,000 and €90,000/quarter, respectively. Sending funds is free for all skrill account levels, plus users will not face any bank withdrawal fees.

For all Skrill VIP users, cryptocurrency‘s sell/buy charges are 1.5% if the account currency is Euro or USD. In the case of other wallet currencies, the charges are 3% for trading in cryptocurrencies. There are several different alternatives to funds transfer online. However, Skrill has lower charges and better support.  


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