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Crypto Profits Are the Reason Behind Low-Income Workers Quitting Their Jobs


It is no surprise that people are investing in crypto each day to make profits. A recent survey finds that almost two-thirds of people who left their jobs had an income of less than $50,000. Their low income is what motivated them to leave the job after earning significant crypto profits.

Financial freedom earned by crypto investing: Civic Science

Analytics firm Civic Science conducted this survey and posted the results on Nov. 1. The results were weighted following US census data. They show that 4% of 6741 respondents (18 years or over) quit their jobs because of the “financial freedom” crypto-assets offered them. This 4% figure data further cross-referenced with 1201 respondents who quit their jobs due to crypto profits based on their annual income.

These were the results:

Two-thirds of those who quit work were paid under $50K; 27% earned less than $25K, and 37% had income between $25K and $50K. 15% had an income between $50K and $75K, 13% between $75K and $150K, and 8% with $150K or more.

However, this data needs a bit more improvement because Civic cross-referenced it from different periods and a different number of respondents. Moreover, it is unclear what they mean by “financial freedom” in this context. This is because Civic Science did not specify what level of crypto profits the respondents made.

Another survey result between Jun. 17 and Oct. 27, 2021, with 17,699 respondents, show that 28% of people opted for buying crypto as a long-term growth investment. Further, 23% considered it as a short-term investment while 16% needed to use crypto payment as a convenient and fast method.


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