Ethernity chain premieres on Binance Innovation zone


The Eternity chain, abbreviated as ERN, is admired for its finite edition Non-fungible assets. It has also built a potent reputation in the past years. Several sports athletes, individuals, and celebs have joined the movement to create new collectibles in the domain.

The built-in ERN caters to numerous things in the ERN ecosystem. The tokens can be used for buying NFTs, governing voting rights, and using them as rewards. Once the token gets its debut on a renowned trading platform, it becomes fruitful for users to the ERN currency and its extensive ecosystem.

Getting listed in the Binance trading platform

Innovation zone Binance is a trading zone committed to developing assets with a possibility for high volatility. The increased probability directly corresponds to the potential for increased volatility.

Exciting news in the trading realm that has opened the gates for more profit is savoring the internet. Eternity chain got listed in the Binance innovation zone on October 22, 2021. It opened the trading door for three trading pairs ERN/USDT, ERN/BUSD, and ERN/BNB. Binance has not posed any restrictions on the trading pairs.

ERN platform

ERN platform is gaining popularity as it is oriented towards community and focuses strongly on limited and authenticated edition Non-Fungible Tokens. The ERN token listen enhanced the plead of what Eternity chain can put forward.  The platform builds an exclusive passage via which renowned figures and notable online artists can portray themselves and their talent. Ethernity also plans on donating a segment of profits accrued from the endeavor to charitable causes.

The platform creates an exclusive channel through which renowned digital artists and notable figures can showcase themselves and their work. The unconventional verified NFT plan auctions authentic artwork that features the top stars and artists from gaming, film, entertainment, history, tech, music, and sports. Each of the online artwork is showcased as an NFT or non-fungible asset. Ethernity also intends to donate a portion of profits cumulated from this venture to charitable causes. Ethernity chain collaborates non-fungible assets with the utility of Defi to build an exclusive channel to collectible and rare content from well-established artists and notable figures.

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