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GGive: Blockchain For Community-Led Charity

Created on Binance’s Smart chain, GGive is a deflationary spiral token that helps the non-profit ecosystem, involving the investors, charities and donors, influencing the benefits of the blockchain technology and Crypto economy. Further, this uniquely placed intuitive digital currency platform serves all three purposes of fundraising, donating and investing. 

GGive rotates its charity each month by taking help from the basic organizations to the large scale international non-profits. Moreover, this platform offers a fundraising platform that is less costly and comes without any delays.

The GGive Group 

The core team of nine created GGive. This group of versatile crypto enthusiasts wants the charity space to reap the transparency benefits of the crypto-verse. Further, the team members include the Development Director John Ikwuobe, Charity Director Damian Knight, Brand Director Nadia Monem, Communication Director Lee Culp and more.

In addition, this team brings diverse work experience and a variety of unique skill sets. For instance, Nadia Monem, the brand director, worked with different startups projects in the past. Also, Nadia’s role in these organisations was to help them grow financially and raise brand awareness. 

The Culture

The ultimate vision of the GGive is to become the token of the choice for global charities. The token is available for the purchases of multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges. Since its launch on the 1st May 2021, GGive has burnt 125 million tokens and reached 3,750 holders. The impact of the GGive has already begun on the intersectional zone between the crypto-economy and charity space beyond the numbers. 


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