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Projects With Possible Airdrops in Future

Airdrops were made especially for the crypto space as a new marketing style that involves the free tokens as a dropping gift to select new users to reward loyalty, attract new users, and draw attention to the project. Moreover, it demonstrates to be a good way for airdrops’ recipients to gain new tokens from different platforms. It is also a great way to strengthen an NFT collection without paying a cent.

When the airdrops idea first started, it was exceedingly popular and prosperous. Also, some of the largest airdrops gave away around $500,000 worth of tokens to new registrants.

Notably, Airdrops take place around the hard forks of cryptocurrency. They are mainly concerned with the advancement of the adoption of a new coin. Hard forks are the same as airdrops in which you can get new coins. However, they have substantially different occurrences.

A hard fork is an event where a single blockchain splits into two parts of parallel chains. The holders of the coin on the original chain could also obtain coins on the new single-chain after the split.

Out of the 20 or more bitcoin hard forks, some have carried bitcoin holders the opportunity to get new tokens by solely holding their investments (HODLing in crypto speak). Also, aside from bitcoin, LitecoinCash, MoneroV, and EtherZero also took part in this marketing style.

In addition, the Crypto community fellows hear whispers of the next airdrops. The next airdrops are arriving soon from major projects like these. The crypto community can watch our space for more information.


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