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Top 5 Bitcoins To Observe This Week

Bitcoin is experiencing a challenging fight near the $58,000 mark; however, that has not prevented you from choosing altcoins from reaching a new peak. That proves that traders are observing the basic developments on separate coins. AVAX (Avalanche) is one of the latest best performing leading altcoins, and it has reached over 120% in November. The coin got the trader’s attention resulting in the statement made by accounting company Deloitte which is thinking to create its disaster relief programs on the Avalanche blockchain.

1. BTC (Bitcoin)

Bitcoin upturned the trend from $55,600 in 2019; however, the recovery is experiencing confrontation at the 50-day easy moving average ($60,187). It also operates on a blockchain and a ledger logging transactions shared across a system of millions of computers. Since, additions to the shared ledgers should be validated by solving a cryptographic puzzle. A procedure known as proof-of-work, Bitcoin is kept safe and secure from fraudsters. The prices of this currency have skyrocketed because it has become a very popular name.

2. Binance Bitcoin

Binance Ireland is a type of cryptocurrency that investors can use to pay fees and trade on Binance. It is one of the biggest crypto exchanges globally. Since, its foundation, Binance has extended past merely allowing trades on its exchange platform. Now, traders can use it for booking travel arrangements, payment processing, and trading. Also, traders can use it to exchange other types of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or for trading.


Avalanche is trending today, and it has continued creating new milestones. It is an umbrella platform to introduce DeFi (decentralized finance) applications, trading, financial assets, and other services. It focuses on being an international assets exchange, letting anyone trade or launch any asset and organize it in a decentralized way using various cutting-edge technologies and smart contracts.


Polygon, previously called the Matic system, is a scaling platform that offers numerous tools for improving the speed and lessening the complexities and expenses of Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain system.


EGLD is a scalable, efficient, and cheap blockchain network that offers utility for enterprise solutions and dApp developers alike. It influences adaptive State Sharding and its exceptional SPoS (Secure Proof-of-Stake) consensus system to provide industry-leading scalability.


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