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Coinbase Wallet Brings Support for NFTs

Coinbase Global Inc is a Nasdaq-listed digital currency trading platform. Recently, it has expanded the support for the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by offering custody wallets.

As revealed by the crypto exchange behemoth, the NFT support will let the user control and support their ERC-721 NFT assets. This move is adopted to enhance the adoption of the exchange’s browser wallet.

Coinbase is one of the more representative trading platforms. They operate as a centralized platform that keeps guardianship of their user’s keys. Although, the cryptocurrency industry progress represented by Coinbase has seen the advent of decentralized platforms. These decentralized platforms return the control of their own assets to users. Additionally, this control is allowed by a particular type of wallet, which Coinbase has now the 2 versions:

  • An app
  • Browser extension

Moreover, the NFT supported by the Coinbase browser wallet will allow the users to view the NFT collection connected with their addresses. However, Coinbase said that the extension wallet wouldn’t have immediate support to view the NFT gallery. Though,   the company might roll out the feature shortly.

Furthermore, Coinbase did not disclose the definite date the feature will be accessible for all users. But, the exchange affirmed that its customers would need to have the latest version of the browser extension to access this feature. 


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