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Bitcoin and Ether flop to achieve momentum

Yes, that is not a great sign but the price of Ether and Bitcoin does not succeed to attain momentum since the trade volumes stays to be quite low. The price of other digital asset also failed to attain momentum for last 24 hours because of low volume of the trade. Just some of the smaller virtual coins that are managed to gain. On the other hand, the crypto market still stays to be completely range bound.

Trading of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency that was trading at $48,984.87 which is almost 0.65 % lower than the rate which was almost 24 hours ago. The capitalization of market for Bitcoin also stood at approximately $926 billion. Moreover, the trading volume for Bitcoin for last 24 hours was also 878.14 million.

Trading of Ether

Ether, which is known as the native token on the platform of market. It was trading more than $4,000 or about 0.97 %. This is usually lower than their rates for almost 24 hours ago. The capitalization of market for Ether also stood at $471 billion with the 24-hour of the trade volume. This was also about $851.38 million.

Dip in the Trading volumes of Digital Currency

There has also been some dip in trading volumes of various renowned cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. It was subsequent to the key wave of booking profit last week. However, all small version of cryptocurrencies is even trading in the negative territory. Thereby leaving just few that have gained momentum.

Moreover, commenting on such kind of the weak momentum for last 24 hours. It is also said that the dominance of Bitcoin even rose for more than 41 per cent instead of having the low volumes of trade. On the other hand, many such popular and renowned cryptocurrencies also stay to be range-bound.


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