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Altcoins That Might Be Big This Year!

Austin Arnold, co-host of Altcoin is listing some of the crypto assets which he says are usually set to explode during the year. It also told by Arnold that 1.18 million subscribers have built in the year 2021. They will be key for such altcoins in the year 2022, beginning with SOL or smart contract platform Solana.

Solana – Great Altcoins to look at

In past 9-12 months, Solana has seen much of success and it expected that in the year 2022 this momentum will go on.

However, Arnold lists various fundamental factors about why he believes that Solana will continue to grow. Mainly focused on success of Phantom wallet of blockchain, which boasts more than 10 million of users. Altcoins regularly co-host even foresees interoperable DOT of blockchain Polkadot. By taking off in the year 2022, mainly thanks to parachain auctions of project.

Also, assuming companies to also get on the Polkadot parachains, that I think they would somewhere between $4 as well as $44.5 billion of worth of DOT is possible to get lock up for about two years. This helps to reduce the potential sell pressure of Altcoins with circulating supply on market.

MATIC – Another one to look in 2022

Moving to the layer-2 scaling solution of Polygon also known as MATIC. Arnold suspect that MATIC’s explosive for 2021 will definitely translate to regular gains in the year 2022.

It also predicted by Arnold that Chainlink (LINK) is set up finally to explode in the year 2022 in spite of not meeting various traders’ expectations in the year 2021, which is best for Altcoins.

While there is noting that LINK’s price recently has not achieved the new highs. Various Chainlink and other growth metrics also are positive. Even Arnold expects release of the LINK’s interoperability protocol. LINK staking for enterprises to propel the growth of Chainlink in future.


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