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Is aiDoge a Scam? Unfulfilled Promises Lead to Growing Concerns

Amid unfulfilled promises, growing concerns around the legitimacy of aiDoge are rising, with investors yet to receive their $AI tokens.

Transac Secures $20 Million for its Crypto Payment Operations

Transac, a web3 payments and infrastructure provider, raises $20 million in Series A funding, marking a significant step in merging traditional finance with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Market Springs Back to Life Post Memorial Day Weekend

The cryptocurrency market shows a significant resurgence after the Memorial Day Weekend, with Bitcoin and Ethereum making strong recoveries and FantasyGold experiencing an unprecedented price surge.

Evaluating Shiba Inu (SHIB) Amid Crypto Volatility: Token Burn and Price Downtrend

An analysis of Shiba Inu's market performance amid token burn and prevailing crypto market volatility.

Wintermute’s Shifting Focus: PEPE Token Challenges SHIB’s Dominance

Wintermute, a London-based trading firm, is shaking up the meme coin market as it shifts its portfolio towards PEPE token, challenging SHIB's dominance. The move signals a change in meme coin dynamics, as PEPE's listing on Bitfinex and Wintermute's trading activity highlight the continued importance of meme coins in the crypto landscape.

Sports Illustrated Introduces New Blockchain-Based Ticketing Platform

Sports Illustrated's SI Tickets introduces Box Office, an innovative ticketing platform built on the Polygon blockchain. This marks the advent of NFT technology in the world of event ticketing.

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