Developer of ‘The One’ California Mega-Mansion Wants to Tokenize the Property


One of the most expensive and most significant homes in America has struggled to find an owner. Though, the developer hopes that getting crypto can help by tokenizing the property.

Like one mega-mansion in Bel Air has endured because its owner defaulted on over $165 million in loans and debt. Therefore, developers now want to tokenize the property.

The idea by the owner is if you can’t afford to buy yourself a mega-mansion, how about buying coins that represent a part of the mansion? 

Nile Niami spent 10 years making the 105,000-square-foot urban mega-mansion. This mention is named as One in tony Bel Air, Los Angeles. Further, he announced on December 27 in a video that he aims to save the home from auction by tokenizing it.

Moreover, the developer has racked up debts from the expensive projects. They have labeled the most expensive and largest urban homes in the U.S.  The purpose of labeling is they want to save money from the auction by creating a cryptocurrency.

Niami Tokenizing The Property

The ‘One Coin’ represents shares in the property. Also, One sits on a 3.5-acre estate and boasts a 50-car garage, 10,000-bottle wine cellar, 4,000-foot square guest house along with stunning views of Los Angeles.

However, the Lavish project experienced loss after the owner faulted on over $165 million in loans and debt. Further, the home was previously expected to go on the market for $500 million, making it one of the most precious properties in the world.

Niami’s idea is to tokenize the house, sell the tokens, then rent the house out for glitzy events. The purpose is to give the profits back to the token-holders. Further, tokenization of a significant asset is nothing new!

Everything from art and sneakers to cannabis stocks is being put on the blockchain to give people a slice of ownership.

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