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NEAR and ATOM Altcoin Drop

Tokens of Cosmos also known as ATOM and Near also known as NEAR Altcoin. They were among key gainers of the main cryptocurrencies. It in last 24 hours as an extensive market which is extended to the slide.

Also, the prices of cosmos and near have doubled in past month among the enhanced interest in layer of 1st blockchains. Also, Layer 1 mainly refers to blockchain where platforms like Ethereum and Avalanche more which also developers may deploy the applications and their services.

Position of NEAR

NEAR has also posted the gains of about 25% from the Monday’s lows for simply trading at more $16.62 Asian hours on this Tuesday prior dropping this back. Moreover, Prices are also down with 6% from previous week’s highs of about $17.67. Also, getting this breached with the level of resistance that is also around $17. The support level also exists at $13 mark. It is even NEAR drops through this, where token could also slump to be low like $10.

However, protocol has also gained favor among the investors. The layer 1 play also there was the third-largest kind of the crypto ecosystem by the activity of developer.

Position of ATOM

ATOM also added almost 8% to more than $39.33 in last 24 hours prior to the brief sell-off saw that lose about 35 cents at time of writing. Even the prices were quite much low like $32 on the Monday evening compare to NEAR. Even, tokens are also trading around the actual resistance support level of about $37 at time of writing. It was with the most prominent buying zone till the level of $30 when the historic price action was considered.

Crypto developers also mentioned that newer blockchains also create avenues for development for new protocols. It also simply contribute to the appeal among the investors.


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