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Canada’s Alberta Sees Potential Growth in Crypto Sector

Alberta is Canada’s most oil-rich province and it is seeing growth in the crypto industry to diversify its economy.

Alberta is actively looking to build the province’s tech industry. This includes mining digital tokens, building data centres, and attracting high-tech workforces.

Furthermore, Doug Schweitzer, Alberta’s minister of jobs, economy, and innovation said in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday that:

“This is an area of ​​huge disruption and we want to make sure we’re there in that market.”

Moreover, cryptocurrency-related companies including blockchain training and consulting company Blockchain Guru said that open-source infrastructure can be used as a code software tool Terraform. Along with the public-listed company Bitcoin Well.

Further, to help attract crypto companies, the province has been working hard to attract skilled workers. Also, in the last month, a new immigration program was to accelerate the entry of tech talent into Alberta.

In addition, along with the growth in the crypto sector, Canada has also been keeping an eye on security-related issues.

As stated by the report of September 24, 2021, of the blockchain News Canadian market regulators have issued warnings to cryptocurrency service providers. This warning is particularly for those who mislead investors through their gambling-style advertisements.

Lastly, the report added that the market regulators said a detailed guideline. It is to help all concerned stakeholders market to sell their products and services under the Canadian securities allowance.


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