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Stealing of $320mn by Hackers in crypto

With crypto currency being evolve as the renowned digital asset in entire world and also the alternative to the fiat currency in few of the nations, hackers started using the most sophisticated tools for stealing from digital wallets of individuals and organizations. The similar hack also reported where cyber thieves are also able to steal $320 million and more in crypto.

With the evolution of cryptocurrency in the digital asset internationally, hackers also have started with sophisticated tools for stealing the digital wallets. It is mainly third-party for the individual and organizations.

Top Digital theft of Crypto

February 2022: Some unidentified hackers has stolen $320 million and more in the cryptocurrency. Thereby, exploiting the online communications bridge. It known as Wormhole that also links various DeFi also known as decentralised finance blockchain networks.  Wormhole, that simply connects Solana and Ethereum blockchains, mentioned thieves have “exploited” network as well as have perfectly managed for stealing 1,20,000 wrapped of Ether.

April 2021: Ameer Cajee and Raees – two brothers running Africrypt. It is the currency exchange service which is located at Johannesburg in South Africa. They have simply ‘vanished’ with almost $3.6 billion in the investments. The company established in 2019, they describe themselves as the investment company. It focused on crypto and on the blockchain technology.

August 2021: In greatest heist of crypto, hackers has exploited the vulnerabilities in DeFi and decentralized finance platform. It also stole $600 million in the Ethereum, USDC (USD Coin) tokens as well as Binance Smart Chain, and. Also, Poly Network has also tweeted that vulnerability is between the contract calls.

September 2020: The platform of KuCoin platform, which is the Singapore-based crypto exchange. It has detected “few of the huge withdrawals” related to BTC or Bitcoin BTC, ETH or Ethereum and tokens of ERC-20. As per the available estimates, minimum of $150 million in the crypto was stole though CEO of exchange mention that mainly the amount got recover.


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